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Here are just some of the letters of support we have received.

Banger track a great idea.

I have just read the back page story, Banger track plan in pits (WHT January 23).
I think this a great idea for Hatfield. If this went ahead it would be great for the young ones in Hatfield. I am a dad of two boys. They would love to go somewhere like this every week and so would I and my wife.
So Sue Jones, Labour councillor, here is the evidence that one more Hatfield resident would like this in our town.
Don't be narrow minded. You might not like this, but I bet a lot of Hatfield residents would.
Just sit back and think for a moment, a few more jobs and great fun for the family.
I can remember when my parents took us banger racing in Hatfield a few years ago, it was great fun for the whole of the family so please think again.
I hope Dean Archer carries on with this and he has my full support.
Mark Payne, Harmony Close, Hatfield.

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